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Become A Partner in Mischief

Becoming a Partner in Mischief is a link exchange. From time to time we may collaborate with one another on projects and articles if you choose to.

Please note that we do not accept sites that are:

  • Product Advertisers
  • Contain Adult Relate Materials (No Porn!)
  • Contain Politics or Negative Materials Regarding Persons, Cultures, and Groups
  • No Media Torrent Sites, or Media Download Sites.

Just a few requirements:

  • All sites must be done in good taste, created and operated by fans of whatever the site topic is. Please, just media fansites, blogs, and the likes.
  • Professionally run and mainstream sites welcome!
  • Any site wishing to be a partner in mischief will be reviewed for content. But please remember, we retain the right to deny exchange without notice.
  • Thank you.

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