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Final Girls by Mira Grant

Written by Nik. Posted in books, The Muggle Review

It’s short, sweet, and one hell of a good read! Once again, Mira Grant brings her unique style to the table, and does not disappoint. Final Girls is the latest work of Mira Grant, author of the NewsFlesh Trilogy and Parasitology Trilogy, in novella fashion. While the story is short and sweet, it packs a punch! This time she brings us into an all new “what could be” scenario that has become Mira’s playground and our possible future.

The story revolves around a young journalist who is sent to debunk another pseudoscience that takes phycological therapy to a whole new level. Imagine going to a therapist office to deal with whatever skeletons are in your closet, and being locked away in a full immersion virtual reality machine that helps you get over your demons, by fighting them in a horror movie setting! Yeah, screw the therapy, I just want to play in someone else’s nightmare. Here’s the official Book Synopsis:

What if you could fix the worst parts of yourself by confronting your worst fears?

Dr. Jennifer Webb has invented proprietary virtual reality technology that purports to heal psychological wounds by running clients through scenarios straight out of horror movies and nightmares. In a carefully controlled environment, with a medical cocktail running through their veins, sisters might develop a bond they’ve been missing their whole lives—while running from the bogeyman through a simulated forest. But…can real change come so easily?

Esther Hoffman doubts it. Esther has spent her entire journalism career debunking pseudoscience, after phony regression therapy ruined her father’s life. She’s determined to unearth the truth about Dr. Webb’s budding company. Dr. Webb’s willing to let her, of course, for reasons of her own. What better advertisement could she get than that of a convinced skeptic? But Esther’s not the only one curious about how this technology works. Enter real-world threats just as frightening as those created in the lab. Dr. Webb and Esther are at odds, but they may also be each other’s only hope of survival.

With her new novella Final Girls, bestselling, award-winning author Mira Grant has conjured a heart-stopping, gut-wrenching story filled with as many twists as it is versions of reality. Grant offers a chilling exploration of how surviving horrors might define us all.

The story is a great bit of fiction, that as usual with Mira’s style, some Brainiac Scientist is probably working on right now. Also, a quick read for those wanting something to tide them over in between releases of other books. The only the bummer about Final Girls is the price. If you enjoy being able to read off your phone or a Kindle, the price is just right, $4.99. But for me, I love the smell of newly printed books, and being able to physically turn a page. So the $31 price tag for a one hundred twelve page novella hit a little hard. My fault, but still a bit much. But in all, well worth it!

Steven Moffat Is Attempting to Kill Off Whovians (Spoiler Free!)

Written by Nik. Posted in Featured, Opinions & Such

If you are a Whovian like me, Series 10 has been one rollercoaster of a season. Each week I feel like I am suffering from massive heart failure, over and over again. Especially knowing that we will be facing an all too soon regeneration next week. Last week’s episode, 11, “World Enough and Time” started off as usual with a “ho-hum what are they getting into now”, to an all-out tear jerking, jaw dropping, what the Hell! ending. So what is all this leading to? Since this Series will mark the last for Steven Moffat, so he says, I honestly believe he is attempting to kill off the Whovian Community. I even expressed this to the BBC via twitter with no response, yet.

First was the teaser in The Lie of the Land (Episode 8), then last week’s revelation and beginning sequence hinting of what’s to come. But again, I nearly died and fussed up a storm on twitter, as we were promised this wouldn’t happen just yet. We all know that Moffat can be a bit sadistic with his show’s fans, (Sherlock took how many years for Series 4, and each series has only three episodes). If all this is build up for Twelve’s regeneration, I may not make it to Christmas, which is when many are speculating the actual full regeneration is to take place. So, if you are like me, the answer is yes, Moffat is trying to kill us so he can get his final jollies off before her retires from Doctor Who.

15 Shocking Revelations from Lauren Z Ray

Written by Jason. Posted in Fan Contributions, Featured

It’s a rare thing when we open our emails and find something that isn’t spam and is worth checking out. Today’s Fan Contribution comes from Lauren Z Ray who put together an amazing video, 15 Shocking Revelations. In this video Lauren acts out the phases of the newly inducted Harry Potter fan. For some this is an amazing trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing Lauren! Job Well Done!

See the Video Below:


Written by Nik. Posted in Featured

Please excuse our mess here, we are working on a few things. Once we are set up with the basics, we will be looking for volunteer staff, and guest writers. Just hang tight, you’ll see soon enough. For more information…

See Below

Falling Out of Love With Harry Potter

Written by Nik. Posted in Featured, Opinions & Such

It’s been coming on for awhile now. I’m not sure when it started, or how it happened. But it has. When watching television and FreeForm plays the Harry Potter films for the umpteenth time, the music starts, usually a tingling sensation starts in the back of my neck and I would binge watch the entire film series in one day. Now, it’s, “Really? Again”, and change the channel or go read a book. For the past couple of years all my Harry Potter stuff has started migrating either to the storage shed, or the spare room. As I visit my facebook and twitter feeds, I stray away from those that post or share Harry Potter related stuff, instead I find myself looking for new interests, and doing other things. So, what the hell happened? After fifteen years…the spell has been broken…
It has been a wild ride, and I have enjoyed it, but the fandom is changing and it’s long since time to move on. For fifteen years the message has always been love and tolerance. Fans would openly welcome one another no matter what, we all shared a common love of the boy wizard. Now, tweets are blasting those that do not agree with the JK Rowling’s point of view on whatever she says. Even the Queen herself has been tweeting hateful messages, not just about the U.S. President, but to her long time and loyal fans as well. This is not the fandom and the public figure that I grew up with. Don’t believe me, it even made Time Magazine.

J.K. Rowling
Guess it’s true what they say: you can lead a girl to books about the rise and fall of an autocrat, but you still can’t make her think.
7:56 AM – 1 Feb 2017

And there are those that agree with Rowling, stating that she is just sticking up for herself. Childish all the way around. So, to keep from having to hear a foreign public icon that I once loved so much bash the leader of my Nation, I no longer follow JK Rowling. On top of that, I no longer get chills and thrills when news of the Harry Potter or Wizarding World comes about. The magic is gone, the fandom is changing and I don’t care anymore. Sure, the Fantastic Beast films are rolling out, and they did a magnificent job, but I will go on as an ordinary muggle enjoying the films, but no longer being a part of the fandom.

Beyond the woes of writer tweets, there is the factor of those within the fandom. It used to be a widespread but close knit welcoming group. Now, many of them have grown up, and Harry Potter has become an obsession, a way of life, rather than a world to read or play in and just enjoy. I have run into numerous fans of Harry Potter and if you mention another book, or something else of interest, I get blasted for it, or ignored. The world I once knew that was loving, and accepting of others and their ideas has turned into an obsession. The very same people are now lonely and spend their lives searching for Harry Potter paraphernalia and surround themselves with stuff, and only befriend those that are Harry Potter fans, rather than making outside friends, relating to family, and in general, a life outside of the Wizarding World. And each time I go to lunch or hang out with them, I look around and see what I might become if I don’t let go now. It’s like going to Neverland, “you’ll never grow up, never grow old. You can spend your days playing without a care in the world”. Sorry world, but I rather enjoy being an adult with a family and friends who read other books, see other films and live life outside of the box.

Sorry to say, I have well and truly fell out of love with Harry Potter. I still enjoy the books and the films. But the theories have been proven, one way or another, the tale has been spun and I am off to expand my horizons in the minds of others, and soon one day, let others dabble in the thoughts of my own. Muggles Behaving Badly probably won’t go anywhere, and neither will I. But there will be some changes coming, as the others basically feel the same as I do. Once college is finished, and we all turn 40, we have plans to kick off some long-awaited projects, not revolving around the Wizarding World. I hope you join me and my friends for the next great adventure. I wish all those that keep on believing the best of luck, and I raise my wand one final time to ya!

~ Good Luck & God’s Speed!~

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