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[Sticky] The Last Days of Jack Sparks  


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23/11/2017 12:19 pm  

While skimming through the back of another book I was reading, I noticed and advert for this one. I quickly read the back, and thought, eh.... Maybe. Then October rolled around and I needed something to read for the season. As soon as I cracked this one open I was hooked and could not put it down. 

Jack Sparks appears in his book to be an arrogant ass, which is about dead on. But as the book progresses and the story unfolds you will be rooting for him to win. No matter how much of a dick he can be. I mean, really, who laughs in the middle of church during an exorcism? It instantly caught my attention. 

While some readers may have a hard time keeping up with what's going on, this face paced horror/mystery will make you determined to keep reading to find out what is really going on. An excellent read for those that are tired of the same old same old hitting the bookshelves. 


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