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Fox's Rocky Horror Re-make: A Lack of Enthusiasm and total flop!  


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29/10/2016 11:05 pm  

As a long time fan of the Rocky Horror Picture show, I was excited to see this. I had high high hopes for it, and was even more excited in their choice of casting. But was overall disappointed. 

The acting was bland as hell, and the cast just missed the flare that fans are so used to just wasn't there. The lines were delivered like they were reading them, and so monotone it was not funny at all. The biggest let down was the lack of sexuality portrayed. It was there in the costumes, and the music, but the acting and dancing left it out, and again was boring. 

With Laverne Cox as Doctor Frank-n-Furter I expected soo much more excitement and sexuality in the delivery. But it just wasn't there. Each line was bland and felt a little forced, for all the cast. So used to Tim Curry bouncing around and being flippantly flamboyant that it's just expected now on film and stage. 

However, it was good to see Tim Curry make an appearance, and to see him doing better since his stroke. Just wished the performances could have been better, and the music more exciting. 

Never thought  anyone could ruin the Rocky Horror Picture show, but Fox found a way! 🙁 


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