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Gain Control of Windows 10 Updates

Written by Jason. Posted in Featured, Muggles Guide, News & Updates

Whether you installed Windows 10 on your own, or bought a new computer with it pre-installed, one of the most annoying features is Patch Tuesday, which has become daily Windows Updates. Since Windows 10 does not give the general user a control panel for when to download updates, it is not always convenient, especially when you have a slow internet connection, or are attempting to binge watch Netflix. Remember that it is a good practice to keep your OS (operating system) updated, but it is nice to have control over these types of things. Being the amateur Geeks we are, we learned a quick and easy way to control Windows 10 Updates.

How to Control Windows 10 Update Downloads

You are probably aware of how to get into the System Settings Control panel, and tweak a few things, but just in case, here is what we are talking about.

Here you can adjust when the updates install and restart your computer. But that is pretty much it, as far as updates are concerned. We want to delve deeper into the techie side, and command the downloading of Windows Updates.

Note: While there are several ways to get to this menu, we are keeping it simple, and using the general user ways of getting around.

Step 2: Click on System & Security

Step 3: ClickAdministrative Tools

Step 4: Find Services and double click on it.

Step 5: Once you open the Services file, Scroll down to near the bottom, and find Windows Update.

Step 6: From here, right click on <b>Windows Update</b>. A menu will appear with Start, Stop, Pause, Resume, Restart.

Step 7: Click Stop or Pause. Whichever you choose. And this will temporarily pause or stop the downloading of Windows 10 Updates.

Once you sign out of your user account or restart your computer, the updates will resume normal download. If you do not do either of these, you can easily go back into the Settings Menu we showed in the beginning and resume the download.

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