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Muggles the Gathering Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Muggles the Gathering Community

By registering, posting, reading, or interacting in this community you are solely responsible for your own actions. Any abuse of this community board is to be reported to an administrator or moderator immediately. Any registered member found at fault for abusing the terms and conditions during the use of this forum community will be removed from the entire site permanently. The Administrators and Staff of Muggles Behaving Badly Online.net are not responsible for the behavior of registered members or individuals who interact in this community forum. Anyone caught violating the following terms, conditions and rules will be banned!

• Registered Members must be 13 or older; or have a parent or guardian’s permission to participate in the discussion boards.

    1. By becoming a registered member you agree to conduct yourself in a respectful manner to all others participating in this community.
    2. No Foul or Abusive Language Allowed in Regular Discussion Boards.
    3. No Graphic Pictures or Nudity! Any pictures posted must be PG 13 or less!
    4. Please do not post pictures of yourself! This is not a dating community!
    5. No Politics! No Race! No Religion! We are a fandom community and welcome all walks of life! Don’t like someone, don’t talk or interact with them!
    6. No Illegal Activity! Violators will be prosecuted!
    7. No User or Topic Bashing. Don’t like a topic or discussion then don’t post there.
    8. Be Nice! There is a difference in arguing and having a debate.
    9. The Terms, Conditions, Rules and Regulations are subject to change at the discretion of the MBBOnline.net staff at any time.

By Clicking Here You Agree To All The Terms & Conditions of the Muggles the Gathering Community Forums. 

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