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Forgive our lack activity, we apologize. Hell, it’s been so long we couldn’t even remember our passwords to make this post. After several meetings and brainstorming sessions we have decided that this November we will be closing this site down. Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t get upset, there is some good news. And we’ll explain in a minute.

This fall we will be working to open another site.

One that we can be passionate again. We don’t know about what yet, or when, but we have a few ideas that we want to work with. We are currently in the planning stages now. 

What This Means: You will get the same great original content and humor as this site, but with new topics.

We have lost our interest in the Wizarding World. We just can’t create anymore articles and graphics anymore. We have grown up, moved on, and want to create a site that reflects this and our new found interests. 

For those that have shown an interest in writing and working with us please be patient. We apologize for not answering emails, but those accounts have long since been left behind. Give us an opportunity to work out the new site and if you are still interested we will consider your work.

When will this all go down?

We are not positive, but anticipating working on the basic setups in September. The kids will be in school, I will be graduating college, and we will all be more available to work on extra circulars then. 

How Will You Know What’s Going On?

You can keep tabs on what we are up to through our Twitter Page. It will remain open long after this site is gone as many of our followers and visitors use this to keep in contact with us. 

Muggles Behaving Badly Online ©2006-2017. All Rights Reserved. We are just a fansite. And in no way affiliated or associated with JK Rowling, her lawyers, Warner Bros. or anyone with ways to take our homes and the shirts off our backs. All content is intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are by any way offended or have an issue with the content on this site, blame our figure head and primary partner in mischief, Jeremy. This site is being forced to remain online at his insistence and continual abuse of the house-elf staff. To blast him with your complaints please call +46 771 793 336.