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Steven Moffat Is Attempting to Kill Off Whovians (Spoiler Free!)

Written by Nik. Posted in Featured, Opinions & Such

If you are a Whovian like me, Series 10 has been one rollercoaster of a season. Each week I feel like I am suffering from massive heart failure, over and over again. Especially knowing that we will be facing an all too soon regeneration next week. Last week’s episode, 11, “World Enough and Time” started off as usual with a “ho-hum what are they getting into now”, to an all-out tear jerking, jaw dropping, what the Hell! ending. So what is all this leading to? Since this Series will mark the last for Steven Moffat, so he says, I honestly believe he is attempting to kill off the Whovian Community. I even expressed this to the BBC via twitter with no response, yet.

First was the teaser in The Lie of the Land (Episode 8), then last week’s revelation and beginning sequence hinting of what’s to come. But again, I nearly died and fussed up a storm on twitter, as we were promised this wouldn’t happen just yet. We all know that Moffat can be a bit sadistic with his show’s fans, (Sherlock took how many years for Series 4, and each series has only three episodes). If all this is build up for Twelve’s regeneration, I may not make it to Christmas, which is when many are speculating the actual full regeneration is to take place. So, if you are like me, the answer is yes, Moffat is trying to kill us so he can get his final jollies off before her retires from Doctor Who.


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