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Tales from the Bookcase


Think about every time you have ever ventured into a bookstore. You wonder from isle to isle looking at books, judging them by their covers. You pick one up, touch it, maybe stroke the spine, flick through a page or two. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and stare at one from a distance while sipping on a cup of six dollar imitation coffee. Hey, we won’t judge you, we do it too!

Meanwhile, when you finally decide which one tickles your fancy, a conversation starts in your head. You imagine the book with its saucy title is just screaming at you to pick it up, take it home, rip back its cover and see what hidden naughty bits lurk inside. And at this point you are lucky that the book you are stalking is an inanimate object that can’t take a warrant out on you for stalking, Perv!

No worries, we get that feeling all the time too.

So here are the victims of our adventures and close calls while stalking new books to read in our local bookstores. Sorry Kindle readers, we still long for the feeling of thinned out pieces of wood between our fingers, and a flashlight under the covers!

~ Enjoy.~

The Victims of Our Tales

Mark Lawrence

Author’s Website: Mark Lawrence This poor bastard doesn’t even know he’s made our stalking list, which may be a good thing, for us, considering he is a scientist working on artificial intelligence. And if he does, then we’ll be putting on our tin-foil hats and ramping up our vpn’s. So if you plan on stalking […]

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Jonathan French

There’s a reason why authors hide away in their hermit hobbit hidey holes they call an office… me. Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting several self-published authors and a gained a new pool to pull from when the bookshelves of my local Books-A-Million won’t tickle my fancy. Amongst them was Jonathan French, who […]

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